IBPS Clerk Exam Previous Year Question Paper

Previous Year Questions Asked In IBPS Clerk Examination

S.No Question Category
1 URL full form?Ans:- Uniform Resource Locator Abbreviations
2 RTGS full form?Ans:- Real Time Gross Settlement Abbreviations
3 Name the 13 year old writer of the novel“God of Antarctica”?Ans:- Yashwardhan Shukla Miscellaneous
4 International Day of Persons with Disabilities?Ans:- December 3 Days & Dates
5 Kisan vikas patra validity?Ans:-  100 months Economy
6 NTPC recently entered into agreement with which state forsetting up of large solar power generation parks?Ans:- Andhra Pradesh States
7 MMID full form?Ans:- Mobile Money Transfer Identifier Abbreviations
8 Accidental insurance cover in pradhan mantri Jan dhanaccount?Ans:- 1 lakh Economy
9 Full form of ODI?Ans:- Outward Direct Investment Abbreviations
10 Kotak Mahindra bank recently acquired which bank?Ans:- ING Vysya Bank Economy
11 India recently gifted vintage Dakota aircraft to whichcountry?Ans:- Bangladesh India & World
12 Book titled ”Prince of Gujarat: The Extraordinary Story ofPrince Gopaldas Desai” was written by?Ans:- Rajmohan Gandhi Books in News
13  ISDN full form?Ans:- Integrated Services Digital Network Abbreviations

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