National Career Service Portal Indian Govt Job portal Registration

National Career Service Modi’s Employment Exchange Website Job Portal Registration

National Career Service Portal Registration

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just launched the very helpful portal called National career Service portal and we can also called it as new Employment Exchange which works via online mode as web site. The official Indian Govt employment portal can be accessible via This portal is helpful for both Job seekers and employers. Both can register themselves on to avail this facility. It is really great thing for all who are looking for govt and private jobs as per qualification.

The outdated Employment Exchange Offices within the Country has been revamped into a National career Service portal for job hunters. The main purpose of this website which is launched by our PM Modi is to notify about various vacancies, jobs opportunities, apprenticeship requirement, Internships and Skill courses throughout the Country. Read below in detail about Employment exchange portal benefits and how to register for National career Service portal.

Employment Exchange New Job Portal Website

Currently there are more than 900 employment exchange offices present in our country and more than 44 million job hunters have already registered through them. The main aim of this National career Service portal is to bring on board near around 20 million job seekers who have registered with employment exchange portal through out country. National career Service portal will provide registration for both Job Seekers and Employers. To avoid any kind of mistake or say duplicate registration, the ministry of labour and employment will also ask job seeker to their any id proof like link voter card or link Aadhaar card number and in case of Companies or other Organization they are also required to submit proper Company registration proof copies.

National Career Service portal is an ICT based job portal and developed primarily to connect various people with different opportunities which are required for youth. The Employment Exchange new job portal will provides the list of Employment Offices, information about different vacancies as per candidate education in the various departments with in each state or as per search criteria. Out of the 982 Employment Exchanges, in the first stage the Union Government and PM Narendra Modi has planned to modernize our 100 Offices with total of 100 Crore budget.

Indian Govt Employment job Portal 

On 20th, July 2015 The PM Modi has launched this new facility called as “National career Service portal” i.e. and inaugurated by Indian Labour Conferences (ILC). Apart from job seekers and employer, career counselor can also register with this Govt portal. Many of us having doubts in their mind such as: How to register for National career Service portal i.e. Applicants who are unemployed and looking for job can register with and those who are in job already and wish to change it can also register themselves.

This Employment website gives present information regarding vacancies, career counseling, job posts as per specific education. We have provided the benefits and how to register with this Govt portal as an employer or job seeker as well. It is good opportunity provided by the Modi government for all the candidates who are still unemployed and having desired for job.

Various Benefits of National Career Service Portal

  • Vary Easy and flexible registration process from beginning to end.
  • Easy job search option.
  • Availability of Employment counseling and training suggestions
  • Govt, Private and PSUs jobs post data at one place
  • Up to date vacancy detail, notifications, job placements.
  • Facility of Skill and training opportunities.

How to Register with

  • Visit the official portal at
  • Select option as per choice of “job Seeker” or “employer”
  • Then Click on Signup button for New registration.
  • Fill the form with your all details as required.
  • Then Click on submit button.
  • Then you will receive OTP (One Time password) on registered mobile no.
  • Enter the OTP you have received through SMS and login again.
  • Once you have enter in site you can make changes in your profile and your details
  • And start searching job and apply for them and attend the walk in and interviews to grab opportunities.
Registration on

Based on your Job profile an applicants can be provided with different Companies jobs offer. Also Job hunters can receive email or SMS via their registered mobile number in National career Service portal. Ministry Of Labour and Employment if Indian nation official has said three key government initiatives i.e. make in India, Digital India and Skill India.

The central government ministries and departments and all state run enterprises will be persuaded their job posts in National Career Service Portal. And other Private companies can also be encouraged doing the same through new Employment Exchange site. Visit official website for more information and read NCS document in detail.


  1. says

    National Career Service Portal

    On 20 July 2015 , our PM , Shri Narendra Modi-ji launched a career portal ,

    NCS claims to bring together on a single platform , Career Centers ( re-named Employment Exchanges ? ) / Jobseekers / Employers / Career Counselors / Skill Providers / Local Service Providers etc

    Whereas this is a great initiative , it seems the web site has got launched despite any number of glitches , such as :

    > ” Site Map ” missing
    > Links not clicking
    > Pages not loading
    > Databases missing
    > Content confusing
    > Naming misleading… etc

    As if this is not enough , most of the Registration Forms , carried unnecessary and irrelevant data-fields , such as :

    > Aadhaar Number for Employers / Placement Organizations ?
    > Employer Company Executive to provide personal Aadhaar Number ?
    > Employer Company Executive to provide Gender / DOB / Father’s Name ?

    A Local Service Provider does not need to select ( from a drop-list ) , what kind of service does he provide. But he must mention his “Affiliation” ?

    A Jobseeker does not need to provide :
    > Edu. Qualifications / Institute attended / Exams passed – and when
    > Previous Employment History ( for experienced jobseekers )
    > Years worked / salary drawn / designation held , in each previous job

    I suspect , there is some another form hidden somewhere , which , a jobseeker will be asked to fill in later , just when he is ready to click ” Apply ” against a job searched after several hours !

    But , these are minor defects that can be rectified soon – and without much difficulty

    But here is the worst part !

    Apparently the web site does NOT want jobseekers and employers to get motivated enough to register !

    Here is how :


    Job portals all over the World , enable any casual jobseeker to be able to search the online database of posted / live jobs , even if he is not registered
    But he cannot ” Apply Online ” , unless he is registered and logged in
    It is no different than a shop-keeper allowing you to roam free thru the entire shop , without asking to see your Credit Card !
    He knows that a customer gets motivated to ” Buy ” , only if he gets to see the goods on sale !
    Ditto with a casual Employer Visitor
    Job portals allow anyone to search and look at resumes
    But he can download only if he is registered / logged in
    Usually , job portals ” hide ” contact details on the resumes , when viewed online but downloaded resumes carry full contact details
    This is because , job-portals , make their money from Subscriptions from Employers ( usually 95 % of the incomes of Indian Job Portals )
    They cannot afford any casual visitor to reach out to the jobseekers , bypassing them ! They make their money , by acting as ” Gate-keepers ” between the jobseekers and the employers

    I am sure , this ( making money by acting as an intermediary ) , cannot be the intention of National Career Service – since , rightly , it is FREE for employers as well !

    I believe NCS intention is to ensure that no vacancy remains un-fulfilled for more than a few hours !


    On the web site , I could not find any provision ( downloadable Mobile App ) thru which ,
    > A jobseeker can ” pull ” job alerts ” matching his resume and can apply online , directly , from his mobile
    > An Employer can pull ” resume alerts ” matching his posted job and download those resumes with just one click on his mobile

    We must remember that millions of jobseekers in remote corners of India have no access to a PC

    But , soon , all of them will have internet-enabled smart phones !


    On the site , there is a provision to search for info on ground-based Job Fairs taking place in different parts of India
    But , for a jobseeker located in Coimbatore , there is no use getting info about a job fair taking place in Kolkata !
    Same with an Employer
    Why have portal designers shied away from a ” Virtual Job Fair ” , where both , the jobseekers and the employers can conduct Online Interviews , using Video ?
    Not difficult , considering that all mobile phones / tablets carry a camera and Skype / Face Chat are free !

    Technically , it is a simple task to create a million Interview Cabins online , which any registered Employer can ” book ” for a specific date / time / period and conduct online interviews
    A million online interviews can take place simultaneously , with no constraints of either time / space / distance !

    That would encourage even employers located anywhere in the World to conduct interviews of Indian jobseekers

    If , India wants to train 40/50 million youth who will constitute ” Export Surplus ” , as per Shri Modi-ji , then this feature is a must


    Today , in India , there are hundreds of job-portals , each having its own database of Jobs and Resumes
    And , barring a few big ones , most of these offer FREE service to both , the jobseekers and the employers
    Many have only ” local clientele ” ( both jobseekers and employers )
    But a jobseeker who is registered on portal A , can search only those jobs which are posted on that portal
    Same with employers searching for resumes

    Neither resumes , nor jobs posted on portal B can be accessed by visitors of portal A !
    Like a MTNL subscriber not being able to dial anyone other than another MTNL subscriber !
    This severely limits their usefulness

    NCS should enable ALL such job portals to ,

    > Deliver their jobs and resumes , into the CENTRAL DATABASE of NCS
    > Deliver / display all of these to any visitor of any participating partner portal

    Within a short period , this feature would generate a database of millions of jobs and hundreds of millions of resumes , accessible from a thousand partner job portals

    Just imagine the exponential increase of usefulness thru ” Network Externality ”


    Today , NCS web site boasts of only 1684 registered employers !
    India’s 3 major job portals show some 50,000 + registered employers
    Then there are approx 50 million MSME , who have never advertised their vacancies on any job portals !
    May be because they don’t have PCs / broadband connections
    Let NCS web site enable them to post their jobs , using a simple Mobile App , ” Job-Post ”
    There is no reason why their 12 million vacancies every year , should remain ” Un-Announced ” !

    Then there are many other features that can bridge the DIGITAL DIVIDE between the jobseekers and the employers

    If desired , I would be happy to share my thoughts / notes / codes etc with NCS or Ministry of Labour and Employment
    hemen parekh
    22 July 2015

    • Komal Sharma says

      Ya, there are so much flaw in the website which is launched by our PM but it’s a great start and site is still under construction like you have said database missing, links not working properly and many more to count. It’s just a proposal right now and government and team of professionals still working on it, and it’s not easy and small task to complete in short interval of time, it has been launched just 2 days before, so probably it took some time to came on track. Firstly they are going to connect all databases like state wise examination board and similar other (Companies) and all employment exchange with in the country. And for this process Government has passed budget of 100 crore. You have shared many other aspects of this govt portal like less number of registered user many more. So, still huge task to perform to make it work well. And thanks for your participation….

      • Abhinav says

        I agree with Mr. Hemen parekh & I believe soon the flaws will get resolved. Its unfortunate that I’m an unemployed citizen of this country but still hopeful that our PM can do some favor to us & he has taken a step towards it.

        Sincere regards,



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