New technology LiFi to Offer 100 times Faster Speed Than WiFi

New technology LiFi to Gives 100 times Faster Speed Than WiFi Speed

Li-Fi to Replace Wi-Fi | Fastest Internet Speed Ever | Download 18 Movies In Seconds

NEW YORK: A new technology, which is called as Li-Fi or light fidelity or also known as visual light communications (VLC) and able to provide internet speeds of one hundred times faster than the WiFi that we are currently using today. In the laboratory scientists have achieved speeds milestone of up to 224 GB per second.

Which is closely similar of downloading 18 movies just by blinking of eyes. Currently Li-Fi, or light fidelity, is now moving to trials basis into the real world, to make it real with various office tests in Tallin, Estonia attening the speeds of 1 GB per second, i.e.. 100 times faster the speed of normal WiFi we are currently using.

The world’s is growing constantly and it’s desire for more and more data at faster rates is moving WiFi’s capacity to its specific limits. WiFi is basically works by transmitting data via radio waves, but can transfer data so much at a time. It is estimated that by 2019, the world will be exchanging nearly 35 quintillion bytes of data or information each month. Because radio frequencies are already in use and heavily regulated, that data is going to struggle to find a dark spot in line. So WiFi is presently running out of space.

Capacity is only part of the problem in nearby future. WiFi is not efficient solution for all to work in proper way. The base stations responsible for transmitting radio waves which can function at nearly 5 per cent efficiency, most of the energy is being used to cool the stations where all the step up is done by major companies. Also transmitting high sensitive data, security is also a big problem, as radio waves travel through solid objects means via walls, buildings and doors.

Like radio waves, visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The difference is that viable light has a spectrum 10,000 times larger than radio waves. This means that Li-Fi has the potential for huge capacity. Instead of transmitting information via one data stream, visible light can able to make it possible to transmit the same information using thousands of data streams instantly.

LiFi basically works by flashing LED lights on and off at very fast speeds, sending data to a receiver in binary code. It’s quietly rare fast version of turning your flash light on and off to create morse code. These flashes occur so fast that they cannot seen by the normal eye.

All you need to do is fit a small microchip to each potential illumination device and this would then combine two basic functionalities — illumination and wireless data transmission. In other words, we already have infrastructure to implement there. We can use the LED bulbs which we can already have, with some tweaking.

This new technology can also be easily used in hospital without causing any harmful effect to the patients.

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