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Gaurav Pathania was an IITian student. He has done his B.Tech in (CSE) Computer Science Engineering from IIT Kanpur. Then he has completed his master degree MBA from IIM Lucknow in Finance. He wishes to work as an investment banker.

After two years of his work, he has resigned from his job and makes preparation for the IAS examination. And got success in clearing UPSC 2012 and started working as an IPS Officer. This was his second time attempt and he has gracefully scored the good marks and got top rank in UPSC 2013 examination. After UPSC 2013 written examination process, Gaurav is called for an interview round. So let’s have a look on questions which are asked from Gaurav in UPSC 2013 interview.

UPSC Interview Questions 

Welcome Gaurav. Have a seat.

  1. You already have a better job. Then why are you leaving your job for Civil Services?
  2. Is there any issue? You were getting good amount of salary. Are you not satisfied with your previous job?
  3. I want to know your view on the media role in 2014 elections. And what as per you the role of social media in influencing people.
  4. Will you describe in brief what exactly BIOSPHERE RESERVES is?
  5. What is the difference between Wildlife sanctuaries, National Parks and Biosphere reserves?
  6. Have you any idea regarding National Parks?
  7. And you belong to Bhartpurm. Do you familiar with a place has a sanctuary or a national park?
  8. Have you visited there?
  9. Your opinion to protect our environment.
  10. Will you explain me what is the social costs of project appraisals from your point?
  11. You were also an actor/model, editor in college time. You have play role in a movie. So share your experience with us.
  12. What is the message of the short term movies?
  13. I understand that it was a funny type movie, but behind every movie there is a message. What was it which you are going to convey with this?
  14. Describe the pros and cons of Social Media on young generation.
  15. You are a blogger too. So what do you prefer to write?
  16. You have also specified that you wish to publish a book. Tell us about it.
  17. You have a better physique. Do you take part in games?
  18. Do you like football? How about cricket?
  19. Will you tell us what is the main duty of a leg umpire in cricket match?
  20. Share your point of views: Should be go for technology instead of using third umpire on the ground?
  21. Your views on the topic: Government is taking land from the poor people for development or the private companies. How do you react on it?
  22. Will you elaborate on: vision, Mission, Aim and Objectives?
  23. Share the difference between market economy and planned economy.
  24. Do you know about SEZs? Will you please highlight on it topic?
  25. You have specified that your hobbies are forming trading views and following macroeconomic. Was this not your preference? How can say like that this is your hobby?
  26. Will you see TV? Do you know about latest trends on television?
  27. Some time ago, Ambani bought Network 18. What do you think; will it affect the Indian economy or democracy?
  28. How can we stop media from blackmailing Government and private sectors?
  29. What’s your thought or suggestion to new government to implement and improve the economic rate?
  30. Do you think removing the fuel subsidy can solve the problem? if yeas, then how.
  31. Removing the subsidy on the gas cylinders is correct? Describe it from the political view.

Thank you Gaurav for your precious time. You can leave us now.

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