Ringing Bells Start Deliver Rs. 251 Freedom Smartphone In 28th June

Ringing Bells Says To Provide Rs. 251 Smartphone From 28th June

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Latest News about Rs. 251 Smartphone

Ringing Bells noida based a very little and less famous company in the market that has created a big controversy after making announcement of providing Rs. 251 ‘Smartphone’, to the people, now they are claiming that soon they will start delivering of the promised handset to customers those who have booed earlier on their website from starting of 28th June.

Freedom 251 Smartphone News

Smartphone deliveries will only provide to those customers who have successfully registered previously via their official website for buying the phone, The Director of this noida based company is Mohit Goel who has made this announcement.

As per his statement “We will soon begin shipment of Freedom 251 in June from 28 to our customers who have already made payment for phone previously on COD mode (cash-on-delivery),” he said Press Trust of India.

Freedom 251 Smartphone Delivery

In the month February, Ringing Bells Company has begun selling of their handset named as Freedom251 to customers, through their website. After the launching of the Smartphone, it is seen that it is world’s cheapest phone ever sold by any one, so they also caught into controversy, with some calling it fake, Chinese, ponzy scheme, duplicate phone etc means here a lot about it from the people who have made booking for it But at that time no knows the reality about the company neither about phone means how they can built such low cost Smartphone.

Also, the official web portal of the ringing bell company is goes down or somehow crashed down this period of two day sale because of great number of traffic received from whole country together or attracted so much buyers towards them. As per information or data that near about 30,000 customers have successfully booked the 251 Smartphone phone from their portal without any glitch.

As per government agencies scrutiny, the company may withdraw their launched product and used to refund the received payment back to their customers because it looks so much unreal to do the same.

As per Smartphone company data they have collected estimated 30,000 customers have made booking for “freedom 251 phone” and more than 7 crore customers have made registration for it on the portal between sale periods.

The company has announced after some time that they would provide their Smartphone on COD (Cash On Delivery) mode for only those who have made the order to gain the people trust on themselves. Goel has told that they have come with great plan which has been foolproof regarding price money and will not disclose it with anyone.  

President of Ringing Bells Company Ashok Chaddha has also told in brief previously that the manufacturing cost of the phone was near about Rs. 2,500 which company has to bear, and same has to be recovered from continuous steps of measurements such as via scaling economy, through innovative marketing style, cost cutting in duties and creating a best e-commerce marketplace among competitor.

He has also says that the company is going make their phones within India that can lead to 13.8 % of savings on various duties taxes and further saving or cost cutting can be done by selling it online without any kind of advertisement.

The production of phone was to be take place in Noida and Uttaranchal state.

” These two plants of company will be set up for total of Rs. 5o0 crore with a capacity of 10 lakh phones. Mr Chaddha says that the money will reach in the form of debt and equity (1.5:1).

Ringing Bells Announcement

Soon rining bell going to launch world cheapest hd lead tv for just Rs. 9990. And this they are going to prepare for it’s booking and online sale. The CEO of company has made an open announcement for cheapest lead TV in India by his company and sale will start in August month.

Moreover the several industrialists have shown their doubt regarding this claim. Our telecom minister Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has also given guidelines to Department of Electronics and IT to keep their eyes on whole matter closely because it’s better to be aware from any kind of fraud case or any scam which are very normal in this time.

The ringing bell is also came under the notice of Excise and Income Tax Departments who has also raised their debate and curiosity over possibility of 3g featured handset phone for just only spending Rs. 251 from our pocket.

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