Reliance Jio SIM Free Data, Voice Calling Plan End Or Not On 3 December

Reliance Jio Welcome Offer End

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Reliance Jio Welcome Offer Ending Or Not

According to TRAI rules, reliance jio welcome offer containing free data and voice calling free service will end on 3rd December, 2016 as per report.  So will the user take benefits of this offer till 31st December? This question is arises in users who are currently using jio 4G SIM in their mobile phones or Wi-Fi deices. So let’s know the updates which are occurred between the launching of Jio SIM and expiring offer on 3rd December. And also try to understand the expert analysis between these points.

Launching Of Jio SIM

On 5th September, 2016 the chairman and managing director of Reliance industries Mukesh Ambani has launched jio 4G SIM during an event.  During this event his whole family gathered and seen. Amabni has talked about to complete the prime minister dream of digital India and free internet service. Along with that he has used datagiri (डाटागीरी) word. He said that user in India will able to do datagiri.

Big Things About Plan

*From 5th September onward all jio app and services (internet data and voice calling) will be severed as free.

*It named as welcome offer, and will be provided free till 31st December 2016.

*Voice calling will be free on any network. Jio customer will not have to pay any charges  for voice calling.

*And it is roaming free all over the country.

*Company is providing 10 tariff plans. It include per day Rs. 19 plan for occasional data  user, Rs. 149 plan for per month who uses less data, and Rs. 4,999 plan for heavy data users.

* If you wish to subscribe for jio app in all data pack after 31st December 2016 then you have to spend Rs. 1250.

* Company has launched new 4G Smartphone for users under Lyf brand and launched handset and their starting cost is Rs.2, 999.

Speed, Connectivity and Network Problem

Within 10 days of jio SIM launching users have faced speed and connectivity problem. Means user can not able to access internet on 4G speed neither able to make a call. During launching internet speed is showing up to 24Mbps, but later on it is reduced to 5Mbps and lowers than that. Also after dialing 20 to 30 times, user can not able to complete or connect their calls. Many user have faced network problem. Means after purchasing SIM, it could not get activated for many days, and which one activated have faced network problem on it.

Bill Generated On Free Offer

Many users who have used jio SIM make their complain on social media after getting bills on free internet data. These users have their contact through twitter and told their problem then company has told them to pay their bill. One of the Bhabin named jio user have twitted that “I have not used single MB of data and but I got data ending message” Wao jio. Along with that another has says that “this is my first day of jio sim activation and have not used internet till now but got data ending message.” They told that two weeks are gone and they got no solution to problem.

Jio Welcome Offer Entangled in TRAI Rule

Jio welcome offer which will end on 31st December 2016, looks trapped in TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India) rules. As per report it is said that Reliance jio has decided to end their welcome offer on 3rd December. Actually, as per TRAI current rules, any telecom operator could not make their welcome offer more than 90 days (three Months). Jio SIM has been launched on 5th September, so as per that it will their three months’ time span on 3rd December. SO user will not get free internet, calling and roaming like services after 3rd December. Means they have to make payment of these all services. 90 days free calling is told in the rule. So the user will get internet data after 3rd December or not, it is not clearly mentioned anywhere.

Jio Statement

After getting this issue some sources of Reliance jio have provided information like company will provide new tariff plan to TRAI, so that all the confusion can be cleared. Also Reliance jio also showing all kind of tariff plans on their official portal.

Expert Point Of View

In this whole issue, tech expert Amit has said that those who will get jio SIM after 3rd December will not get benefit of welcome offer as per TRAI rule and has pay from very first day for internet data, calling. And the other side, the three month welcome offer which will ends on 3rd December, cannot be cleared yet. Reliance has to clear it with TRAI in earlier stage.

Users Got Confused

Till now many new plans are coming in market related to Reliance jio. As per report company is providing one year free data, calling with LYF Smartphone. So the question arises that as per TRAI rule none of the promotional and welcome offer can extended above 90 days, then user’s will get 1 year free data plan.

TRAI Fine On Another Telecom Companies

Telecom operator Airtel, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular, Telenor India, Videocon Telecom has made their complaint against Reliance jio with TRAI. In their complain it is said that Reliance jio overlooked at interconnection usage charge rule and used to bring such tariff plan that no one stand in completion with them. So other operator will get lot of loss due to that. But in reverse of complain, TRAI has put 3050 crore fine recommendation on Bharti Airtel, Idea and Vodafone for not providing sufficient connectivity to Reliance jio.

Present Jio Status

Within one month time period, Reliance jio has made their root very strong in India. In one of the report it is said that within one month 1.6 crore customer has been connected with company network. In the SIM launching event company chairman Mukesh Ambani has said that company aim is to reach the 90 % population of country till March 2017. This is the first company in Indian Telecommunication which will going to make voice calling completely free.  Beside that it is said that Reliance jio offer will end on 3rd December, but number of users in the market who are looking for jio SIM is increasing day by day.

What Users Will DO Next

All the jio SIM user want to know that actually welcome offer which will continue till 31st December will end on 3rd December. So only Reliance will provide its clear answer. But one thing is clear that if pre-offer will end earlier than time than jio will have to suffer. But, as per company that will present new plan for TRAI. Along with that, this offer will continue free till 31st December till no statement comes from Ambani. And it is considered that one year free data offer on LYF Smartphone will be available for SIM users.

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